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Chef Khaled

Chef Khaled

Meet our chef

Extensive experience in Lebanese cuisine

Chef Khaled has 25 years of experience in the culinary arts and Lebanese cuisine. Chef Khaled ensures our food is consistent to the highest quality and uses the freshest ingredients.
Chef Khaled designed the front line in the most efficient way to ensure we are able to cater for those with special dietary needs. For example, our line is split into three sections: The oven section, the meat section, and the veggie/appetizer section. Additionally, Chef Khaled helped us design procedures for catering to those with gluten allergies.

Chef Khaled would like to remind you to try out his special Knefeh desert! Ask for extra syrup if you have a sweet tooth.

Tanoor is blessed to have Chef Khaled lead our kitchen staff. Feel free to say hello to him when you visit tanoor next time.